November 2nd, 2015

Week 8 – November 2nd, 2015          Engaging Set Presentations

I enjoyed watching these presentations and found them helpful as having an engaging set is the most important part of a lesson. I believe this because it is what gets students excited, engaged and interested in what they are learning, to the point where they are actually eager to learn!

Throughout my pre-internship, after doing this assignment, I have been focusing to have engaging sets in all of my lesson plans. Having the chance to see several different ideas of unique and interesting sets from my classmates was useful and very entertaining! There were multiple presentations of set ideas that I could see myself using in my future classroom.

Kaitlin and Sarah’s set in particular stood out for me as it was fun, engaging, insightful, exciting, and humorous. Kaity’s set also stood out for me and would be something I would like to do if I teach younger students (I’m in a grade 5 classroom). It was very courageous of her to go in front of the class and sing in front of her peers. I think she deserves extra credit, as it takes a lot of “guts” to be confident enough to perform in front of the class. Jenna’s set also sood out for me as it was interactive, doing a short scavenger hunt throughout the school, and had the class come back to introduce her lesson that she then would do with her students.

I enjoy learning from my peers and collaborating with them to gather multiple resources, activities, lesson plans and units that I will hopefully be able to adapt and use in my future years of teaching.