Final Blog Update

At the beginning of the semester, in some of my first couple class reflections I had also posted my journey with using technology and creating my blog.

To be honest, after the first couple attempts to try and create my blog with pages, menus, etc. I gave up! I decided to reflect after each class by writing a journal. This was easier for me to do as I enjoy writing journal reflections, and I found it less stressful for myself as I found it easier to type up a word document.

Milissa tried helping me with my “blog problems” and it seemed she couldn’t find the answer as to why it wasn’t working for me. I tried going to the IT Support Centre and they said they could not help me either. Finally, I decided to go to one of my classmates, Dakota Browne, and she was able to help me through her previous experience of creating a wordpress blog before.

**To fix my problem she showed me the wordpress wp-admin editing page that I further used to create my blog today. I’m so happy that I finally figured things out, but it was all thanks to her!!

The link posted below leads to the editing page I had to use to make the correct changes on blog: