September 21st, 2015

Week 2 September 21st, 2015     

Today, Milissa introduced to us a great assessment resource called “Kahoot”. She also previously had us sign up on a Google Account so that we can participate more in class discussions and contribute by using Google Doc.

What is Power and Authority?

  • Power- seen more negatively; dynamics of location can have a certain impact on it.
  • Authority- seen as more safe and positively; examples of authorities in society or in a specific community are police, government, teachers (schools), etc.

How could you help students to inquire into this outcome? (PA 4.1). How could you integrate outcomes from other subject areas into the inquiry?

  • What kind of guest speakers could you invite? – MLA, MP, bands/councils, mayor, etc.
  • What type of field trip could you take? – town office, government house, city hall, etc.
  • How might you use digital tools – follow what is going on in elections in online articles
  • What kinds of activities would students engage in – have a class debate and “vote”
  • Would you include videos, music, foods? – yeah, it’s possible!
  • How would you include first nations content? – talking to an elder or leader in a band
  • Is there a way to include social action? – social action projects

**Blog Update: I remember going to Milissa at the end of class to ask her if she could help me set up my blog (as I had previously cried before class due to the frustration and stress load of trying to use technology, work the internet, and create a wordpress account).


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