October 5th, 2015

Week 4 – October 5th, 2015  (Day 1 for Presentations)

Tonight there were several presentations that taught us how to teach a variety of the social studies outcomes. I believe that one of the most memorable moments/learning experiences I had tonight was when my group presented our activity (Grade 1 Dynamic Relationships: Brooklynn, Dakota, and Stacey).

Our lesson directly connected human needs (air, water, food, shelter, and clothing) to the way First Nations people lived on the plains here in
Saskatchewan. We related our activity to how they used the buffalo as a natural resource from the environment to meet all the human needs. We had a worksheet explaining the different parts of the buffalo and what each part was used for. Our lesson brought groups together and was a fun, engaging activity for students to do.

I also learned something after presenting our lesson. As future teachers, we should be culturally sensitive with the activities that we do. Our activity was fun and engaging; but we have to keep in mind the First Nations cultural protocols when it comes to building/raising a tipi. So in the future, we discussed as a class and made suggestions that you could bring an elder into the classroom or someone who is knowledgeable of the topic, in knowing how to raise a tipi, to come in a speak to the class.
I also found Kaitlyn and Sarah’s presentation on Grade 2 Dynamic Relationships a lot of fun. Their activity focused on mapping, locations, and creating your own legend/map made with food. I found their presentation similar to my groups in a way that it was fun, engaging, got the learning concept across and was also edible!




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