November 16th, 2015

Week 10 – November 16th, 2015
LGTBQ Presentation in the TPC Centre

Due to students interests in attending this presentation class was cancelled.

Leo K. – a part of UR Pride

 I attended the presentation since class was cancelled and it was interesting to look into the different terms and meanings of the LGTBQ acronym (lesbian, gay, transsexual/transgender, bisexual, and queer). Also we touched on the basic teachings of education in how we are supposed to see identities as inclusive, rather than gender specific.

A major point we discussed was to be aware of language such as “potentially attracted to” instead of just generalizing attractions only to male or females; society tends to sexualize terms to broaden the emotional and physical idea that “they” are attracted to everyone. Leo commented saying how teachers can question students language such as “that’s so gay” and respond in a humorous way by saying is that object/thing actually gay?

The concept that I grasped and saw as important, and took away after this presentation was the requirements schools should have in order to have an inclusive environment for LGTBQ individuals.

Safe Schools have:

  1. GSA- student groups, allied together, and feel safe together
  2. Gender neutral washrooms
  3. Policies- be specific
  4. Have educated admins, teachers, staff, and community on this topic