#2. Exploring Teaching Strategies

Exploring Teaching Strategies Presentation
Grade 1: IN1.2- Interactions and Interdependence of Nations strand

ESST 310-030  Fall Semester
November 2nd, 2015  Assessment #2

Our engaging set involved the outcome IN1.2 from grade 1 social studies. Our set involved representing different cultures visually (costumes), physically (dance), and had examples of customs that some cultures may do (Ukrainian Easter Eggs and wheat sheaves). We also touched on how some students may not know their cultural background due to the loss of information from past generations (documents lost in a fire).

Here is a link to our google document of the different outcomes and indicators this set can tie into within the Grade 1 social studies curriculum. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jZ1hS8O6sXlKDe2_qOb-iKTQ9oF7_0822u3nWnQoyQs/edit




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