Power and Authority

Power and Authority in Teaching

This article involves inquiry into the power and authority that teachers hold in the classroom. In this study, teachers were asked to reflect on their school day by answering some power and authority questions within the classroom. The purpose of this study was to clarify if power and authority is a perceptual idea in the classroom. The conclusion of the study showed that a teachers’ power is ‘multidimensional’ and should be used to further students’ inquiry, development and growth in their learning.

Abuse of Power

This article talks about how teacher bullying is present in schools and how many teachers abuse their power and authority they have over their students. Many students are bullied in the classroom, whether it is a teacher or peer, where other teachers are not paying attention or around to witness what is happening in their classroom. Bullying usually is caused due to negative past experiences. Teachers need to set an example and be a role model for their students. Schools are working towards eliminating negative, disclusive behaviours as it is a part of a teachers job to create an inclusive environment in the classroom and provide the feelings of safety and belonging in a school.


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