Words of Encouragement

I started my learning project doing calligraphy based on the hand-writing skills I already have, as well by looking off of quotes I searched online (Google- “Calligraphy Inspirational Quotes”) or on Pinterest. After some research, I realized that most of my calligraphy work is done by hand-lettering in an elegant calligraphy font, or a common font known as faux calligraphy. I came across my friend Kaitlyn Schmidt’s blog and realized that she also decided to do calligraphy for her learning project. Here is the link to her blog post on Learning Faux Calligraphy, where she gives simple step-by-step instructions of the process on how to do faux calligraphy.

Elegant Calligraphy                                       Faux Calligraphy






A great resource that Katilyn shared in her blog post was a website that gives basic steps, a video and practice sheets on How to Make Faux Calligraphy.

The 3 Steps Include:
1. Writing the Word or Phrase
– You can do this by using a pencil/pen to outline the word first, or by going over it with a thin tip sharpie.

2. Add the Down Strokes
– Down strokes are when you pull your pen down when writing a letter.
Learning Tip: If you are having trouble figuring out when to a down stroke, practice writing the word in the air first and take note of anytime your hand comes down. Whenever your hand comes down, that means in place of a regular stroke, you are going to do a down stroke.

3. Fill in the Down Strokes
– Once you’ve drawn all your down strokes, fill them in with your pen.


Here are some examples of how I did some Elegant and Faux calligraphy by doing a basic hand-lettering first then going over it with a brush and some water colours.
I chose to write some simple phrases and from there did a pencil sketch of my hand-lettering. In the “Enjoy today” piece I went over my calligraphy work with a brush and water colours.

“Be true to who you are”
This piece looks simple, and yet has great meaning to me. In the past I have struggled with my self-identity and how others portray me. I realize that I need to start taking some of my own advice, that I give to my students. It is important as individuals to be proud of who we are, stay true to ourselves and see how we are all unique in our own ways!

As you can see in my work above, I took the time to edit them through Words’ Photo Gallery program. I only did the basics as I am new to this program and making edits on pictures I have taken or on the work I have done. I edited the colours to make them more vibrant, not only to portray my personality, but also to depict the beautiful water colours used. Something else I discovered was using the touch-up brush tool, which allowed me to highlight and take out the bobby-pin from the butterfly hair clip in each photo.

A resource that I found and watched on YouTube to help me with forming my hand-lettering is below:
How to Form Modern Letters in Calligraphy- The Anatomy of a Letter
– How to Hand Letter: Easy Tutorials from Beginner to Pro!


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