What Lies Ahead…?!

At the beginning of the semester, for my ECMP355 learning project I decided to do calligraphy. Here is a link to one of the very first blog posts I made demonstrating my knowledge and where I was at before starting this learning journey! It was exciting to have the opportunity to learn something new based on your own interests.

I have been wanting to learn calligraphy for a while now and I’m happy to say that I feel as though I have improved from my daily hand writing, in my notes and sketchbooks, to actually knowing how to write in different forms/fonts of calligraphy with multiple mediums including pen, sharpies, brush pen and water colours.
Hand Lettering with a brush pen is also something I learned how to do throughout my learning project. I found it challenging at first, but I’m glad that I decided to take my learning project in a different direction by discovering and learning how to do calligraphy and hand lettering in a variety of ways, while using different mediums to create my pieces.

For my learning project I mainly used Instagram, Pinterest and  YouTube as resources to not only watch clips or videos on how to do calligraphy, hand lettering and brush lettering with water colours. These social networking platforms also gave me the inspiration to do my work and allowed me to connect with others.

Online Resources:

Throughout my learning project I followed two YouTube channels that helped me get started on calligraphy and also provided weekly videos on how to do certain techniques, using different types of pens or brushes and mediums.

How to Hand Letter: Easy Tutorials from Beginner to Pro!
– I enjoyed this YouTube channel as the lady would give basic instructions and describe each step slowly so it was easy to follow along. One thing that was interesting is how she also introduced how to do Hand Lettering on an iPad.

K Werner Designs is also another YouTube channel that I followed. I enjoyed how Kristina made a short video clip introducing herself and her card making business. Her channel featured a weekly post, where she would record herself doing some basic tips on how to do hand lettering. She would create videos based on the feedback she received from her followers and would give advice/answer questions or concerns that people may have encountered during their calligraphy work.

Here is a YouTube video of Kristina’s that I watched in order to help me with blending during my time learning how to do brush lettering with water colours.
More Brush Lettering: Blending with Tombow Markers – Kristina Werner

Hand lettering is definitely something I enjoy and hope to continue doing in the future, as it is calming and relaxing. My goal is to continue using and evolving the skills I have learned, as well to share my work and knowledge of it with others.
Here is one of my last pieces I decided to do expressing what I have learned not only through this course semester, but throughout my entire Educational Journey. Coming to a closure of my Education Degree, I have realized that my life is constantly changing and evolving based on the things I encounter daily.
“Learn for yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow” – Albert Einstein

These wise words give me confidence as I go into my teaching years. Not only is it important for me as an educator to help my students learn, but it is also important for me to learning alongside with my students.
The colours I used with a brush pen for this hand lettering piece are some of my favourite colours that are also known as tertiary colours because of how they blend and make a combination of primary (blue) and secondary (purple and pink) colours. I took the time to also edit my work once again with Microsoft Word’s Photo Gallery Picture Editing program. I decided to changed the back ground colour and lighten the hand lettering so that the colours would “pop” on the page                                                                  and look brighter.


Throughout the course of ECMP355, something I appreciated was being able to look at the progress that my peers made who also chose to do calligraphy, hand lettering or brush lettering similar to my learning project idea. Thank you to Becca Bennet, Brooke Stewart, and Kaitlyn Schmidt who also contributed to my learning, for the peer-support and who gave me inspiration to my work.

What I Learned About Myself:

I found that it is important to realize that “practice makes perfect” and that it takes time to create art work that is appealing to the eye. I realized that I cannot be a perfectionist when it comes to calligraphy and hand lettering. I need to be creative with my pieces, reflect and connect them to my life, in order to make them different and stand out.
Here is my final piece that describes the direction in which my life is heading.
“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future.”
– Jeremiah 29:17

This Bible verse reflects on my Faith and how I know that He has a plan for me. I believe that God will provide for me, and will give me hopes and dreams that will fulfill my destined future given by Him. The wheat sheave signifies my cultural background, being born and raised in Saskatchewan. I am hoping that a part of His plan for me is to receive news on getting a teaching contract in Regina, as it is my plan to stay here and be near my loved ones.

Final Thoughts:

I plan to increase my knowledge on calligraphy and hand lettering as I came across a video on how to do hand lettering using Crayola markers. I find that this will be cheaper and easier to access the materials needed. I also found that it is possible to learn how to do many things by only using technology. For my calligraphy learning project, I mainly relied on watching YouTube videos and looking at other’s work on Instagram and Pinterest. Once I learned how to do hand lettering, I was able to acquire my own unique style and was able to create work based on just looking at something!

Thank you Katia for giving us the opportunity to engage and learn something of our own interest, while using technology and online resources, during our ECMP355 course. I have learned that I not only can incorporate and use technology in the classroom daily to engage my students in their learning, but I also can use technology for my own learning of new things.

Thanks for following my journey, until next time!


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