Contributing to the Learning of Others

As the semester comes to an end, one of my final reflections for ECMP 355 course asked me to think about how I’ve contributed to the learning of others throughout the semester. This also includes what others have helped me learn!

My classmate Dakota Browne explains how she believes that, “one of the best ways for students to learn is by teaching and learning from each other.” I agree with her completely, as being collaborative with peers, asking questions and having discussions with them is a productive way of learning. It is easy for students to share with each other their experiences and knowledge on certain topics or subject areas. I find all my peers an inspiration, as they assist me alongside my educational journey with including technology in the classroom. From the content that I learned throughout ECMP 355, I feel more confident with incorporating technology into my lesson plans, activities and daily routines.

As part of my “technological journey” during ECMP 355, I have contributed to the learning of others in this course through the basic platforms that Katia set for us. These social media tools include our classes Google+ Community, my twitter (@stacey_baran), WordPress, and personal interactions.

Google+ Community:
Near the beginning of this semester, I introduced myse
lf in our ECMP355 Google+ Community as it was a way to get to know my classmates who also were enrolled in this course. During the process of setting up my Gmail account, I made a post asking about how I can upload a photo for my profile picture. I got a quick response, giving steps on how to do so. I also filled out a poll for a peer’s learning project, giving my opinion as to what colours of yarn she should use. I am thankful that throughout the course I was able to go to this platform for answers to questions that I may have had, share similar experiences with the “technology struggles” and also tried my best to help my classmates out by answering their questions in return.

I will admit, I was not looking forward to creating a Twitter account for this course. I have had past experiences where I struggled with staying in the 140 characters per tweet and the proper terminology for “twitter users.” I overcame my fear though, of having another social media page to look at and keep up with daily. Only with four months of having a twitter account I am proud to say that I am following over 100 people and in return I have 82 followers (even though most of them are my ECMP355 classmates).

To my realization though, Twitter is a quick and easy way for us as teachers to find resources. For this course particularly, I managed to find EDTech resources, articles and infographics to not only benefit myself (and put into my technology resource pocket), but also for my peers, classmates and those who are following me.
An example below shows how I had a conversation over twitter with a classmate in relation on figuring out how to retweet someone.
And last, but not least, a great way for educators in the province of Saskatchewan to have conversations (tweet) and share resources and information is in #SaskEdChat. This is beneficial, as it gives pre-service teachers the opportunity to connect with experienced educators who are willing to share from their teaching experiences.


One way that I contributed to the learning of others through my WordPress blog was sharing technology resources that would link to relevant articles, websites, pictures, videos, etc. in order to share the process and understanding I had about various topics. I created a variety of posts that were available for everyone to see and linked classmates posts into my own blog posts when I could relate to what they were saying and could add my own thoughts and resources regarding the topic being discussed.

Commenting on other people’s blogs is something that I enjoyed doing, as I could see what my classmates were doing for their learning projects and would comment on their progress, encourage and relate to them based on my personal experiences with some of what their learning projects were focused on (knitting, baking, calligraphy, etc).

Personal Interactions:
Throughout the semester, I would discuss with my peers and check in with them on how their learning project and blog posts were coming along. Thank you to Amy Klassen, Brittany Jefferson, and Sarah Munro for being an inspiration to me in having a positive attitude and perseverance in finishing our last semester of our Education Degree strong! A special thanks goes out to my friends, Brooklynn Johnson, Dakota Browne and Kaitlyn Schmidt, who have helped me along my Education Journey (not only in this course, but throughout my whole degree).

P.S. A little Bonus Resource:
I feel there is more that I can do to contribute to the learning of others. Recalling back from the beginning of the semester, Katia was introducing Twitter to us and shared a link of someone who accumulated a LARGE list of educational hashtags. I decided to sift through that list and made a word document listing #EdHashtags that I find can be more useful for us as new educators.


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